Leakproof Munch Pot 500ml

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The Munch Pot is a Leak Proof and Air Tight food container. 

The base container, holds 500ml and with the inner plate fitted on the top, there is still a little bit of space to place a small snack or small spork. With the lid and inner plate fitted to the container and the side clamps closed, makes this container, airtight and leakproof and prefect for stews, soups, salads that contain dressing, cut fruit and any left overs from last nights dinner. 

Made of: Non-toxic, non-leaching 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

The Inner plate, has food grade silicone around the outside, so when fitted it ensure's the container remains airtight and leak proof. 

Capacity: 500m;

Diameter: 11cm

Height: 6.4cm